Surrender is the renunciation of control.  When freely given it is an act of ultimate generosity; a leap into potentiality and the rapture of the unknown.  A community is described in this project not by collective similarities but by an individual's willingness to surrender their ideas to another.

Over twenty architects, designers, philosophers and photographers across Sydney have participated in a series of creative conversations, which transform the image of this harbour city from generic postcard perfection to a set of multiplicitous, individual urban narratives.

These are networks of surrender, whose ambition is not the cohesion of a finished, consumerable product, but the construction of new communities for creative work.

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"Networks of surrender" was the Sydney contribution to the 2011 Gwangju Design Biennale
September 2 – October 23, 2011
Gwangju Design Biennalle Artistic Directors: Seung H-Sang and Ai WeiWei
"Communities" section curator: Beatrice Galilee and Helen Hejung Choi

David Burns, Samantha Spurr & Adrian Lahoud

Jack Dunbar and Tosh van Veenendaal

Exhibited artists, architects and writers:
Andrew Benjamin
Barnaby Bennett & Byron Kinnaird
Robert Beson
Thomas Cole & Felicia Huang
Pia Ednie-Brown & Jondi Keane
Erik Escalante & Alina McConnochie
Chris Fox
Richard Goodwin
Tim Gregory
Sarah Hearne
Sarah Jamieson & Nadia Wagner
Adam Jasper
Eduardo Kairuz
Frank Minnaërt
Fernando Pino & Luke Tipene
Tina Salama
Sam Szwarcbord
Leisa Tough
Marcus Trimble
Jaime Tsai
Oliver Watts
Alexandra Wright